Deadly giant ecstasy tablets flood Brighton for pride weekend.

Police are warning ravers attending Brighton pride to beware of giant ecstasy tablets which present a ‘significant choking hazard’.


A man called Bob from no fixed address was admitted to hospital last weekend when got one stuck under his lip.

‘I tried to swallow it but it just wouldn’t go down.’ explained Bob who asked not to be named.

Police have advised people to be suspicious of anything bigger than a jam jar lid.


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Man going to pride claims ‘I’m not GAY!!’

I young man in his 20’s from the Brighton area who was seen queuing for Pride Tickets has reportedly claimed that he IS NOT GAY!!.

Image result for queue of people argument

Bystanders, locals and everyone else within 100 miles were HORRIFIED when the man started totally losing his shit and punching everyone around him to prove his non-gayness.

‘He was quite cute at first’ claimed Ticket Booth operator JP but then I heard someone ask him for a ‘quicky’ and everything went BALLISTIC!!

Image result for nerd

Is this Anthony?

‘It was OK when he was ranting and raving about stamina and passion’ claimed passer by Dave, ‘but then he started interjecting stuff about angular frameworks and kept complaining about some dude called Anthony and everyone was lost’.

Nobody could find Anthony for comment.



old shops to get a makeover in brexit “shake up”

Shop owners up and down the country were welcoming news today that the government will be doing fuck all to force them to comply to anything post brexit.

“I fucking hate them eco bulbs” said Bob Rogg, who has just cancelled his order with a new shop front from Ikea.  “The only thing most people come here for is my jellied eels and cheap mince…. are you reporters?”

Bob then took a ran off towards a local mosque screaming “Allahu Akbar”

brexit shop

Tom Watson to put “what” band back together?

Tonights NEC meeting seemed like it was just another undercover communists meeting until Tom Watson let it slip that he wanted to “put the band back together”.

Members hit google before the meeting had even finished to try and find what band Tom had been in. Was it a Prog-Rock band? Was he a Punk? Did he sing lead or backing vocals? Was he just the bassist? or maybe even just a bit of a Bez?

Well it turned out non of the above, sources close to the local chippy claim that Toms gastric band snapped last week half way through a double fish supper, and that when he said he wanted to “put the band back together” he was actually referring to his gastric band.

tom watson

We asked Tom if it was true but he just kept eating his ice cream and grunting. His friends told us they weren’t actually his friends, but that he’d been eating ice cream all summer, and that he really needs to “put the band back together”

Good luck Tom.

Trident nuclear submarines to ditch headphone socket.

In a completely unexpected move the department of defence have announced that rather than replacing the warheads in the new strategic nuclear submarines, they are going to remove the headphone sockets instead.


“It’s a fast moving 007 type world these days, and we need to stay one step ahead of the game” said submarine interior designer Muhammad Smith from Tooting.

“We looked at updating the warheads but that seemed a bit predictable, and the ones we have are fucking massive anyway. The only other thing we considered changing was the toilet roll holders ’cause they sometimes snap off and if the floor is wet you’re fucked.”

But all things considered, most crew agreed that wireless headphones would be the best place to spend the 20 billion or whatever it is

“Security won’t be an issue. We’re not using bluetooth as sharks can hear that, and we’re not using wifi either as virgin have upped their prices.”

The M.O.D. refused to respond to say if iphone 7’s were involved.

Headaches caused by thinking too much.

Whether you’re an English teacher in Vietnam, or a quirky Scottish musician who left England, the last thing you want at the end of a hard day’s work is a pounding headache.


“Our Brains are like old Television sets” said a man from RadioRentals. “The problem is, there’s no closing down time anymore, no national anthem, no disappearing white dot, it just goes on and on and on until eventually we either explode or melt”

jimmy mcgee

Jimmy McGee (has a bad headache today)

EXCLUSIVE: Tony Blair exposed as Owen Smiths MUM!!

Up until now there have been no recorded cases of men giving birth, but according to a new book by the Duchess of Kent, Tony Blair actually GAVE BIRTH to that welsh bloke OWEN SMITH through a REAL VAGINA that he has growing out of his head, underneath his hair behind his left ear.

tony blair

In 2014 rather than let investigators check under the hair behind his left ear for the vagina, Tony screamed “I’m not fucking Tony, I’m not going to let any fuckwit check behind my left fucking ear for a fucking vagina ok?, now get the fuck out of here” or words to that effect.

owen smith

Owen Smith doesn’t have time for silly stuff. He’s a serious man, who’s going to build car parks all over the valleys. “We won’t even need to build any roads, it’ll just be wall to wall car parks all the way from Newport to Pontypridd. Even the skater kids will love it. Let me tell you this, everyone will be a winner, together, all of us.”

“It’s a good idea” said local asphalt supplier Bill Darowd. “People need to stop feeling guilty about wanting change. I don’t want to fat shame anyone, but if you’re gonna be honest with people, don’t go hiding your fucking gills”.


fat girl

Owen Smith still refuses to dismiss or even acknowledge rumours he has gills on his tits. “There’s something fishy going on for sure” said local fisherwoman, Fishy McFishbaps. “I’m proud of my size and shape. I smell like fish too, but I’m happy, and I fucking love cake”

Top flight footballers offer to pay Apples Tax Bill

A consortium of top flight footballers have gathered in secret at a top hotel in Dublin to discuss plans for paying apples huge EU tax bill. It is believed that many of them are concerned their iPhones will stop working if the Irish government decides not to collect the Tax.


Wayne Rooney who was among the players has offered 99% of his wages for the next 5 minutes, which works out at roughly 5% of the interest added in the last 10 minutes. Asked why he wouldn’t go the full 10 minutes Wayne took an extra 5 minutes before saying that it would actually be 15 minutes and he couldn’t afford that.

How he managed to add 5 twice made many reporters present doubt that he was being serious and rumours are circulating that many of the footballers are there merely to cash in on Irelands annual prostitute influx.

Every September the gulf stream brings in hundreds of south american whores who are thrown into the sea by their pimps at the start of the summer. Most of them use windows phones and have no interest in apples tax affairs.

apple bloke

“This story is clearly going nowhere” said a young reporter who was writing his first story. He didn’t even spell check before clicking publish. “That’s the kinda shit we’re up against these days” said Wayne whilst trying to switch off his calculator.

Steve Jobs was unavailable for comment.


Woman gets really stressed about old news.

A woman got really stressed out today after reading a 15 year old article about a kid getting hit on the head with a floppy disk. The woman (who has since deleted her account and left her husband for not sympathising) threatened to track down the mother of the child and give her “a good fucking kicking”.

floppy disk

It’s not a rare phenomena either, with statistics showing that more and more woman are growing more and more frustrated and angry with more and more “out of date” stories that are clearly totally fucking irrelevant.

Experts believe it may be a side effect of dating sites, where men keep using old photos to entice younger women who use hair dye and cosmetic surgery to entice younger men. This in turn creates a virtual time warp spiral illusion that sucks in dead pets, demolished houses and buried artifacts that whilst no longer relevant, continue to make woman angry.

Gays do not seem to be effected, unless they are transgender, or have just recently become gay.

Keith Vaz said his wife was furious that he hadn’t told her this years ago.