2001 v 1984

why do people think men age better than women? how come arnold and sly still look as if they are in their mid 20’s whilst even taylor swift is starting to sag already?


apparently the latest terminator film has had sarah conner slated for not looking like she did in the last one. what is wrong with you people?

did you know that blind couples are the happiest couples? neither did i, and i haven’t researched it either but they could well be.


anyway, big up sarah conner, don’t let the terminators drag you down.

the sausage roll sandwich


when people ask me about white bread the first thing that comes to mind is a sausage roll sandwich, followed quickly by two sausage rolls in a buttered muffin and then a bap and pasty with an onion ring on top.

this is a picture of a sausage roll sandwich.


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sausage roll (due to some of our more sensitive readers we chose a cruelty free linda mccartney one)

heel of white bread (end bit)

loads of vitalite (margarine, see above about the sensitive people)

red sauce (tomato ketchup)


gluten free recipe not available