Where is the hate?

Its been a strange year 2018. After almost a decades growth of polarised hatred, bred on the echo chambers of social media something very peculiar h

as started to happen.


Sworn enemies are beginning to make bedfellows. Hate groups are dwindling in numbers and membership. Road rage is practically non existent and religious extremists are hooking up with random hedonists and clubbing into the early hours.


Sounds like fake news? Is it fuck you stupid opinionated little fuckwit. You and and every other little cunt who presume they know it all just because you get the occasional countdown conundrum or know where Bulgaria is on the map.

The problem with all this free love and tolerance is that global adrenalin production has plummeted. And as we all know, without adrenalin human beings are weak spawny useless pieces of shit. Football fans wave at each other instead of throwing bottles and coins. Rock rivals join each other on stage and even the inmates of high security prisons are swapping spice and knife fights for old spice and Zumba.

 Alex Higgins took no shit

It’s not all bad though. Most people still hate themselves. If they could just start sharing that loathing that would be great.