troll me baby one more time

the funny thing about internet trolling is that it is funny. in a recent poll, 9 out of 10 cats said they loved trolling. or maybe that was prowling. there are however people who have gone to jail for trolling the wrong person.

troll me

who is the wrong person?

a very good question. jason ‘jay’ jage (below) got totally screwed over when he trolled colorado-based timothy bussey’s google maps profile.¬†all he did was troll the fuck out of him.


$50,000 he had to pay, plus expenses. so ask yourself, what is the point? who is the guy in black and white, and why aren’t you doing something useful with your life instead.

>>brighton babylon<<

remember. no trolling.

britney had her fair share too you know.

poor britney

in fact britney has more trolls than there are chinese people in china. think about that for a moment.