worlds greatest vegan awards

roll up, roll up, the worlds greatest vegan awards are now taking nominations for the “worlds greatest vegan”  award organiser louise west says with i smirk, “i mean we all know its really ‘the worlds greatest person award’, obviously if you’re not a vegan you’re never gonna be the greatest. right?”

is she is mental, or is she chicken oriental?

thank yourself

well that’s what she thinks. let us know if you are going to enter.


a lot of people have complained we did not give out the link of the competition. it’s invite only apparently.

suicide vests for sale

many people don’t know quite what a suicide vest is. lose it clothing have just brought out a new range to help people learn. terrible murial.

baby suicide vest


if you think the baby one is a little distasteful(no sense of humour) they are also selling one for women. as far as we are

aware, no suicide vests are available for men. someone needs to let the LGBT community know about this.

suicide vest (ladies)