Brexit leads by 132% compared to next week.

Where ever you go, whether it’s the pub, the shop, the pub… where ever…. all you can hear people talking about is brexit. What the fuck is brexit? We sent our reporter into a white room to find out.

bill fat bloke

Bill Costly who owns a service station franchise told us he was voting brexit because he was a stupid cunt. When we asked him if he was joking he laughed and then pushed us away before suddenly turning angry and telling us both to fuck off whilst squeezing a big block of cheese.


Coko caught her husband fucking the dog. “He’s really anti-brexit so i thought how better to get back at the bastard than vote brexit”jim

We didn’t really want to talk to Jim in the white room but he kept coming over to us asking if we needed any soundbites. Every time we said no, but every time the relentless prick gave us one anyway.


Some people say if we leave europe china will nuke us and sell us loads of post nuke plastics to help stick our faces and bodies back together. Well they won’t, and anyone who believes that is a fucking dickhead. GMO plastic is real and we need to stop it now. Vote brexit or else you will all die.

4 thoughts on “Brexit leads by 132% compared to next week.”

  1. Absolute bigotry , slander and lies in it’s full glory ..You the remains certainly need the padded white room, just look how imbecilic you are with your appalling behaviour and no’re desperate and that shows you have lost.

    1. Sarah, did you catch your other half doing a bad thing with your dog? Personally, I have a Phd, a Ph.m and an MA and I say remain because many of my work colleagues are from other parts of Europe and I really don’t want to have to do all of the work myself. x

  2. I want to stay in the EU because I have less brain cells than an amoeba. I believe all the lies that David Cameron and all the stooges he has bussed and flown in from all over the World, are spouting with such conviction, and so deserve everything that is coming to me. The fact that lifelong Eurosceptics like Cameron, Hague, Corbyn and Osborne have changed camps and now support remaining have convinced me.

  3. I say Remain, plus let’s force Boris Johnson and Ian Duncan Smith to fight bare-knuckle, to the death. The winner has to devour the flesh of the other in order to gain his freedom.

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