santa is dead

another year, same old story. santa is dead. christmas is over


this graph helps show what is going on from one particular perspective.


there is nothing to suggest holly decreases simply because ivy increases. it is easy to confuse a graph like this during the festive season.



remember it is important to focus on clarity and avoid visual dissonance as much as possible. trying to focus on what is clearly not important will cause cerebral nausea and attempts to grasp this notion and/or challenge it are early warning signs of emotional bulimia.


happy christmas


90% vegan

This is great news for cat lovers


many vegan(ish) people know just how difficult it can be at the supermarket freezer trying to find something decent.  well finally a leading supermarket has taken notice and is introducing a 90% vegan stamp on food that is vegan(ish)

this will open up a huge new market to us, everybody wants to do their bit, but we can’t all be perfect and the 90% vegan brand reflects that.

the vegan society haven’t said anything yet, and peta probably don’t like the logo, but at least we’re trying.

others were more positive.

“I’m so happy” –  cat lover

“yes” – vegan cat lover

three stage revision

do not start running until you are ready. take the time to consider the path ahead of you. is this really what you want?


ok, you are now able run as fast as you can. literally or metaphorically.



at this stage it is common to feel rejected or cheated, but try to remember you have lost nothing." rel="attachment wp-att-12">no800



“I don’t understand the middle part” – Jim

“Same” – Sam