GBK back down to veggies

gourmet burger king did a ratner. their latest publicity campaign backfired in their stupid fat faces when uk vegetarians and vegans kicked off about their ad campaign.


John, an activist from brighton said, “we’ve also started bombarding their booking sites and are trying to actively engage other animal rights activists to do the same.” . We just make up any email, though it might be best to use a valid one. The telephone number we used was a local meat supplier.

click here to book a table at GBK

fake bookingfake booking


lawyers for v.a.g.i.n.a. (vegetarians against gormless industrial narcissistic assholes) have told us it is ok to make false bookings that you do not turn up to, so long as you keep doing it under lots of different names.

d.o.s. (denial of service) attacks don’t affect places like this. false bookings are the real work equivalent.

good luck.

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