vegans flock to protect GBK staff

in it for me

following the recent climbdown from GBK regarding their recent marketing campaign, vegans and vegetarians all over the world are flocking back to the place like there’s no fucking tomorrow.

action group v.a.g.i.n.a which represents some dude called larry had started an online campaign of #trollbooking at GBK. upon hearing of it loads of the vegans went mental.


“members of the v.a.g.i.n.a team have been treated with some of the most hateful abuse we have ever experienced” claimed larry, the only member of v.a.g.i.n.a.

it’s not unusual for vegans to fight among themselves. 3 vegans ended up with bruised elbows once following an argument about who should take it. but it’s not like that anymore says larry. “they’re after blood now”

a vegan tough man (#vegantoughguy) from essex got stuck in too. we won’t publish his comments but here’s a picture. he looks a bit like wayne rooney.

vegan tough guy

anyway, it’s all sorted now. the vegans were so very concerned about the staff getting confused that a lovely vegan called aaron who is not a “dick” decided to call and cancel larry’s false order.

cancel booking

health, love, peace and happiness is restored and there’s plenty of room at GBK brighton . larry has also been banned from the group. feel free to play with them here. here is an episode of charlie the unicorn to cheer you up.

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    Also rather cowardly.. But what do I know, right?

    Oh. Other than the identity of the owner of this site 😉

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