George Osbourne goes undercover as homeless man for new TV show

Whilst half the country has been up in arms about them fucking immigrants, george (the CUNT) osborne has been making an undercover documentary about life on the streets.

george osborne homeless

The new series coming to our screens next month features george having to “eat shit out of bins” and “talk to cunts i wouldn’t normally piss on”. Not our words you understand.  Both george and his press office ignored us when we couldn’t be fucked to ask them for clarification.

A local TV enthusiast told us “The series isn’t actually a series, it’s more of a pilot, and by pilot I mean once he dressed up to get some street coke because he was desperate and i took a photo. I’m going to film the photo and then add some voice over and shit”

David Blunket’s dog was unavailable for comment.




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