chocolate maker to use bowie in twisted egg campaign

music fans have been horrified by leaked images showing david bowie in a new cadbury cream egg campaign.

david bowie cream egg

“i know for a fact david hated cream eggs” said one fan outside brighton train station today. “it must be a joke” said another, who didn’t have time to stop and expand upon his comment.

it wouldn’t be the first time the egg maker has courted controversy. only last year consumers were mortified when they decided to change the recipe. it’s a different type of controversy, but it does show just how far they are prepared to go to push sales.

photoshop guru tina fleabag said “look at the size of the head, it’s ridiculous, there’s no way he posed for this.”

do you work for cadbury? have you used photoshop?

let us know.

is the 69 club the new 27 club?

so the word is out. if you’ve missed the 27 club but you still wanna go out in style the number they’re all talking about now is 69. dave and now alan being it’s latest members, if our researcher could be arsed we’re sure there’s a lot more.

27 club v 69 club

so, shit

ego’s out there older than 27, you can still be a legend.


here’s some bryan adams to cheer you all up. back in the summer of 69. (possibly one of mankind’s best years)

god bless.


when a fictional person dies many people who have invested  time in that character struggle to come to terms with it. when a celebrity dies, it is very similar to the fictional character, unless of course you’ve known them personally in which case you mourn the person, not the celebrity (possibly both)

death of an icon

van goghs last words before he died were ‘I wish I could pass away like th


A few moments later his wish was fulfilled and he had found the rest he could not find on earth. He did not paint any pictures of himself dying to leave for his friends. he wasn’t that kind of man.

play it one more time. play it all night long.